Afiliated to Prayag Sangeet Samiti (Alahbad)
Aradhana academy of art is an institution which was established in the year 2005, the institution was established by Mrs. Lopamudra Kar who has been involved in such kind of cultural activities for the past many years. The institution is her brain child and was the realization of her long time dream of making a small contribution towards preserving and promoting the country's heritage, the classical form of dance "KATHAK" amongst the common masses.

The academy conducts classes in Vocal and Instrumental Music, Classical and Western forms of Dance. The institution was conferred with the affiliation from the well known university "Prayag Sangeet Samiti" in the year 2007, by virtue of which now the students of this institution can enroll themselves for Diploma and Degree courses that the university has to offer, which would help the student to take up this curriculum as a profession at a later date if they so want.

The academy also provides their students an opportunity to perform before live audiences by way of participating in cultural activities, so that the student also develops the confidence to perform on stage before a large audience, therefore not just teaching dance or music to their students but also helping in their all around development. The institution also celebrates its Annual Day, which brings together the parents, friends and relatives of the students together under one roof to see and appreciate what their children have been learning all through the year, this opportunity is also utilized to invite a well known person from the field to come and be the Guest of Honor for the programme and give their valuable views & comments on the performances and blessings to the students and the institution.
The institution since its inception, has , through its performance received a lot of appreciation from the students and their parents and has also seen a large influx of new students. We intend to continue with the idea behind our mission, that is to serve the society and the country at large by helping revive the dying interest in our traditional form of dance and music.
Introduction of the Principal

Mrs. Lopa mudra Kar

who is the Principal of the Institution (Aradhana Academy of Art)and also heading the institution and involved in the day to day functioning of the institute, has got the following qualification / degrees in the field of Dance and Music Sangeet Visharad and Sangeet Bibhakar degrees in Kathak Dance, Sangeet Bibhakar in Ravindric Dance and Sangeet Visharad in Vocal Music.

She has learnt the Kathak form of Dance from her guru Sri Noni Gopal Pal, who is the student of Sri Shambhu Maharaj of Lucknow Gharana of Kathak
She has been teaching in the capacity of a Dance teacher in various schools in Delhi and has been fully involved and solely responsible for arranging / organizing the cultural activities for the big functions (like Annual Dayetc.).
She originally belongs to Burdwan, West Bengal, where she in her student life has given a number of stage performances. In her capacity as the principal of Aradhane Academy Of Art, she has been solely responsible for arranging and preparing her students for big stage shows to give them exposure to face a large and live audience.
TIMING- 4:00PM TO 7:00P.M
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